CFK Series High Speed Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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CFK series products are the latest automatic capsule filling machines developed by our company. Through multiple bold innovations and repeated trials, our company has obtained nearly 20 patent certificates, making the CFK series capsule filling machine more aesthetically pleasing, stable in operation, low in noise, easy to operate, and easy to clean.CFK series automatic capsule filling machine is suitable for powder and granule filling of 00#-5# capsules. It can be equipped with auxiliary equipment such as automatic capsule feeder, vacuum loading machine, metal detector, polishing machine and lifting machine according to different usage scenarios.

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After being arranged and oriented in the pipeline, the capsules are separated by the vacuum suction seat. The filling and plugging metering method is used for the material filling, then the waste capsules are rejected. The capsules are then closed and the finished product is discharged. The filler method is accurate, and the filling dose can be fine-tuned by adjusting the punch lever.

CFK Series Automatic Capsule F1
CFK Series Automatic Capsule F2

The most important filling station groove uses "inner convex wheel" for linear up and down movement. Compared with the traditional "lever" drive mechanism, the filling force is greater, which has a significant effect on the powder material that takes up a larger proportion in the production process. All other parts are made of high quality (38CrMoAl) special steel, which is used for the drive of the inner concave groove wheel, and is equipped with Japanese original imported shaft bearings. It completely avoids the drawback of the traditional "lever" drive mechanism that the spring is easily fatigued and broken, and greatly improves the stability and service life of the machine.

The inner cam at the bottom of the main machine replaces the original outer cam, and the original design of hanging above the machine is replaced by a support steel frame fixed on a thickened base (30mm thick). It not only increases the stability of the machine operation, but also shortens the maintenance time from the original 30 minutes to 5 minutes, which is only 1/6 of the original.

CFK Series Automatic Capsule F3
CFK Series Automatic Capsule F4

The CFK series capsule filling machine has added a mold cleaning structure to blow out the powder, broken capsule skin and other contaminants in the mold hole, which greatly improving the empty capsule's on-machine rate and reducing the scrap rate of capsules. In addition, the locking device with the cleaning function can remove the fine dust among the molds and keep the capsule surface clean and smooth.

Compared to similar machines, the CFK series capsule filling machine has excellent performance in reducing raw material losses. The powder feeder is seamlessly connected to the equipment, eliminating the possibility of powder escaping and falling into the workbench when adding powder. The three-dimensional metering adjustment mechanism has been precisely calculated to eliminate the natural deformation degree of the metering disk and the copper ring. 

CFK Series Automatic Capsule F5
CFK Series Automatic Capsule F6

CFK series capsule filling machine has a new design of copper pad disc, filling the gap between the punch rod and the capsule body, which can block the powder column when the punch rod fails to accurately fill material into the capsule body. It can not only avoid the material from falling down and polluting the workbench , but also greatly reduce the possibility of powder wasting. 

CFK series capsule filling machine has integrated the original filling parts and divided them into six modules evenly. The modules are connected with screws. About ten minutes to complete the replacement mold. When the material form changes, the changeover time for the whole set of molds is about 15 minutes. 

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Technical Parameters

Model CFK-1500 CFK-2500 CFK-3500
Output( Capsules/min) 1500 2500 3500
No.of segment bores 11 18 25
Suitable for capsule 00#-5# 00#-5# 00#-5#
Total power 8.5Kw 8.5Kw 11.5Kw
overall weight 1400Kgs 1650Kgs 2635Kgs
overall dimension 1230mm×1175(+382)mm×1955mm 1230mm×1175(+382)mm×1955mm 1435(+550)mmx1248(+280)mmx1960mm
Dust 20Kpa 210m3/h 20Kpa 210m3/h 20Kpa 210m3/h
Noise <80DB(A) <75DB(A) <75DB (A)
vacuum 72m3/h, -0.03—0.05Mpa 72m3/h,-0.03—0.05Mpa 120m3/n, -0.03—0.05Mpa
Filling error ±2.5%-±3.5% ±2.5%-±3.5% ±2.5%-±3.5%

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