GZPK Series Automatic High-Speed Rotary Tablet Press Machine

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The main components of the electric control cabinet are imported components from abroad, PLC adopts original Siemens products, and human-machine interface adopts Taisiemens 10-inch series color touch screen.

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GZPK Series Automatic High-Speed Rotary Tablet Press6

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provides long compression2

Tablet Compression System

The compression system implements a process consisting of two steps, i.e. pre-compression and main compression. The design of compact structure provides long compression time, stable operation and no deformation under heavy load, significantly ensuring tablet weight accuracy and tablet hardness during large tablet compressing process while guaranteeing the smooth running and low noise level of the machine.

Feeding System

The configuration of double-paddle feeder plays an important role in precise controlling of every tablet weight, it ensures optimal filling of powder to the die bore, eliminating the problems such as insufficient filling of free flowing products, excessive dust and cross contamination that are commonly occurs in ordinary tablet compression machine. This feeding system is featured by high precision and easy to disassemble.

provides long compression3
provides long compression4

Punch Turret

High precision tablet press turret is made of corrosion resistant materials, providing an excellent protection against rust and corrosion.

Automatic Lubrication System

Three sets of automatic centralized lubrication system are equipped with central lubricating pump and distribution valves to ensure complete lubrication of punches, guiding and compression rollers while protect the tablets from being contaminated by splashing oil.

provides long compression5
provides long compression6

Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

Human-machine interface (HMI) adopts Siemens 10 inch color touch screen to display filling depth, operating pressure, tablet thickness and other production parameters, allowing operator to easily control the machine.

Imported high precision Tedea-Huntleigh force sensors and amplifiers are used in pressure sensing and transmission system to execute real-time force monitoring and analysis, enabling the powder filling depth to be automatically adjusted and achieving automatic control of tableting process. In addition, the many variables such as tooling damage and powder feeding status are also monitored in real-time, thus maximizing protection, increasing qualification rate, as well as greatly reducing production cost.

Technical Specifications

Model GZPK 26 32 40
No. Of Station 26 32 40
Capacity(Tablets/h) Max. 160000 210000 260000
  Min. 30000 30000 30000
Rotation Speed (rpm) Max. 102 105 105
  Min. 11rps/min 11rps/min 11rps/min
Max.Tablet Diameter φ25 φ16 φ13
Main Pressure 80KN 80KN 100KN
Pre-Pressure 20KN 20KN 20KN
Max. Flling Depth 20mm 16mm 16mm
Dia. Of Die (mm) 38.1 30.16 24.01
Length Of Punch 133.6mm 133.6mm 133.6mm
Main Motor Power 11KW 7.5KW 7.5KW
Dimension 930(+ 438)*850(+438)* 1945

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