HTD Series Column Hopper Mixer

Short Description:

The machine has the functions of automatic lifting, mixing, and lowering. Equipped with one hopper mixer and multiple mixing hoppers of different specifications, it can meet the mixing requirements of multiple varieties and different batches. It is an ideal equipment for total mixing in pharmaceutical factories. At the same time, it is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.

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Working Principle

The machine is composed of a column, a base, a rotating fork, a drive, a brake, and a control system. Push the mixing hopper into the rotary fork frame and tighten the nut, start the control system, and raise the hopper to the mixing height and position it reliably. The drive system automatically mixes according to the set time, speed and other data. When the mixing operation is over, the rotary fork frame stops vertically, the hopper automatically drops to the ground, the whole machine stops, and the process data is printed. Loosen the lock nut of the swing fork frame and push the hopper out to the next process.


This machine is a new model successfully developed by our company that has extensively absorbed and digested foreign advanced technology and combined with national conditions. After the mixing is completed, the hopper can continue to be raised to the height of the technological requirements for easy discharging. The whole machine has reasonable structure, stable performance and convenient operation. No dead ends, no exposed screws. The rotating body (mixing hopper) forms an angle of 30° with the axis of rotation. The material in the mixing hopper turns with the rotating body and moves tangentially along the wall at the same time, resulting in strong turnover and high-speed tangential movement to achieve the best The mixing effect. It adopts PLC fully automatic control, and is equipped with an infrared safety device and a discharge valve disc with an anti-misoperation device to ensure complete production. Materials can pass through different process stages in the same container without frequent transfer and feeding procedures. Effectively control dust and cross-contamination, reduce material loss, control material stratification, optimize the production process, and fully comply with the GMP for pharmaceutical production.

Technical Parameters

Model Net Load
Mixing Speed
Total Power(Kw) Machine Size (l * W * H)(mm) Weight(T)
HTD-100 80 3-20 2.2 2200*1160*2000 0.8
HTD-200 160 3-20 2.6 2250*1350*2100 0.9
HTD-300 240 3-20 3 2500*1420*2200 1
HTD-400 320 3-20 4.4 2650*1450*2300 1.2
HTD-500 400 3-15 4.4 2800*1550*2400 1.4
HTD-600 480 3-15 5.2 2900*1650*2400 1.7
HTD-800 640 3-15 5.2 3000*1750*2500 2
HTD-1000 800 3-15 6.2 3150*1850*2700 2.2

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