WF-C Series Crushing Set

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The machine is suitable for crushing materials in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

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The crushing chamber can use turbine, blade, hammer and other crushing structures. The structure adopts straight-line discharge to reduce the small production volume and high temperature caused by wind resistance. The machine has a buffer discharge device and automatic separation of materials and air pressure. This machine is an ideal crushing equipment for a new generation of high output.

Technical Parameters

Model WF-15C WF-30C WF-60C WF-80C
Capacity(kg/h) 10-200 30-800 50-1200 100-1500
Material Size (mm) <10 <15 <15 <15
Product Size(mesh) 80-320 80-320 80-300 80-300
Total Power(kw) 14.3 38.85 69.6 87.6
Main Revolution(r/min) -6000 -3800 -2800 -2500
Overall Dimension (L * W * H)(mm) 4200*1200*2700 6640*1300*3960 7500*2300*4530 9000*2300*4530
Weight(kg) 850 1500 3200 3700

The Main Purpose

This machine is suitable for material crushing in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

Main Feature

The machine has simple structure, sturdiness and durability, stable operation, good crushing effect, convenient disassembly and assembly, maintenance, and corrosion resistance.
1. High fineness and strong adaptability to materials. Because this type of machine adopts a unique grinding method, especially the fibrous, high-toughness materials and high-hardness materials that are difficult to crush, they can obtain good crushing results. The knife set is made of high-quality steel with good wear resistance; the grinding tiles are arranged at a certain angle after rigorous calculation according to the material movement mode, which can speed up the crushing speed, reduce the amount of slag, and prolong the mission.
2. Good stability and low noise. This type of machine adopts a "unidirectional dispersion" design structure, so there is no vibration, no need to fix, and it is very convenient to use.
3. No dust, low loss, easy cleaning, and high safety performance. This type of machine adopts a fully enclosed design structure with no dead corners; the lower part of the crushing chamber is lined with a wear-resistant stainless steel plate, and the center is set with a dust cover to effectively prevent dust from entering the motor; grinding; Both the tile and the knife set are easy to disassemble, which is easy to clean and prevent the adhesion between different materials. Without a fan, the air flow is caused by the rotation of the knife set, so there is no dust and no dust removal equipment is required.
4. The screen is made of hard stainless steel with precision perforation, with larger hole density and better powder permeability.

Working Principle

This unit utilizes the relative movement between the movable toothed disk and the fixed toothed disk to crush the materials through impact, friction and the impact between the materials. The crushed materials will automatically enter the collection bag under the action of the rotating centrifugal force, and the dust will be collected by the dust collection box and filtered through the cloth bag. The machine is designed in accordance with the "GMP" standard and is all made of stainless steel. There is no dust during the production process. And it can improve the utilization rate of materials and reduce the cost of enterprises. Its main performance indicators have reached the international advanced level, with simple structure, high output and easy cleaning. It is the ideal crushing equipment at present.

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