YK Series Swing Type Granulator

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The machine is widely used in pharmaceutics, chemical industry, foodstuffs etc. It can make well powder material into granule, and can also can grind block-shaped dry materials.

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Working principle

The drum is reciprocated 360 degrees through mechanical transmission, and the material is extruded from the screen into granules or crushed and granulated.

Technical Parameters

Model Capacity(kg/h) Power(kw) Speed Of Cylinder(rpm) Swing Angle(360°) Diameter Of Cylinder(mm) Overall Dimensios(L×W×H)(mm) Weight(kg)
YK-100 30-200 1.2 65 360° Φ100 700*400*1050 280
YK-160 100-300 3 55 360° Φ160 1000*800*1300 380
YK-160B 100-300 5.5 55 360° Φ160 100*800*1300 450

Product Details

This machine is a special equipment that cuts the moist mixture under the action of the forward and reverse rotation of the rotating drum to force the material to pass through the triangular ribs and the screen into particles. It is more suitable for the processing technology of making granules from materials with high viscosity. It is mainly used to make granules of various specifications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries. After quick drying, it can be used to press various shaped products. The machine can also be used to crush and condense into agglomerates. Dry ingredients. The machine is made of stainless steel except for the frame and motor.


1. Used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries to make wet powder materials into granules,
2. Crush the dry bulk material, and can quickly sizing.


1.The material is extruded from the screen to make granules, and the produced granules are uniform and do not need to be screened.

2.The screen is easy to disassemble, and the screens of different meshes can be replaced at will to make particles of different thicknesses.

3.The main shaft of the machine is above the gearbox, and a strict shaft head sealing structure is designed to ensure that the shaft does not leak oil, and does not penetrate the material, so as to avoid the material being polluted by lubricating oil.

4.By adjusting the tightness of the screen and the rotational speed of the drum, the particle size and density of the particles can be controlled to a certain extent.

Machine Structure

1 The fuselage is an independent long rocking granulator cube, which is composed of a bearing frame, a reduction box, and a base. The feeding powder hopper is connected with the bearing frame and extends to the outside of the machine. The front end of the machine base is designed to extend, land wide and stable, so it does not need to be installed and can be placed indoors.
2 Pellet manufacturing device: The rotating drum horizontal device is under the hopper, and there are bearing supports at the front and back. It is driven by the rack to make reverse rotation. The front bearing seat on the end face is movable. When assembling and disassembling, as long as three screws are unscrewed, the front bearing seat and the rotating drum can be drawn out in sequence. The two ends of the rotating drum adopt symmetrical convex connecting shafts, which are not restricted by reverse order and are convenient for assembly and disassembly.
3 Screen clamp pipe: The device is installed on both sides of the rotating drum, made of steel pipe, with a long groove in the middle, and the two ends of the screen are embedded in the groove. Turn the hand wheel to wrap the screen on the outer circle of the rotating drum, and the hand wheel The inner block is supported by a thorn wheel, and the tightness can be adjusted.
4 Gearbox: using worm gear transmission, the box can store the machine, to ensure that the gear rod, gear and worm gear are lubricated well and noiseless. The outer end of the worm gear is equipped with an eccentric rod to drive the gear rod to reciprocate, and the tooth swing type granulation The gear shaft meshed with the machine rod makes a reverse rotation motion.
5 Machine seated motor: The motor mounting plate is hinged to the machine base, and the other end is hinged to the nut. When the handwheel on the machine base is turned, the screw is adjusted to rotate, and the nut drives the motor plate up and down to adjust the tightness of the V-belt.

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