ZPW Series Rotary Tablet Press Machine

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ZPW series tablet press machine is a machine with automatic rotation, frequency control and continuous tablet pressing. It is mainly used in the manufacture of tablets in the pharmaceutical industry, and it is also used in chemical, food, electronics and other industrial sectors to compress granular raw materials into tablets.

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ZPW Series Rotary Tablet Press6

Operating principle

ZPW series tablet press machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the motor drives the turntable to rotate clockwise through the V-belt pulley, electromagnetic clutch, transmission worm, and worm gear. There are 23 pairs of dies on the turntable (the number can be increased according to the output) to move up and down along the upper and lower curved guide rails, and the process of continuous work such as feeding, filling, tablet pressing, and tablet output is completed through the pressing wheel and other mechanisms.

tablet press machine
tablet press machine


1. ZPW series tablet press machine can be single outlet or double outlet. The double-outlet type can complete a second working cycle per rotation, and produce 46 tablets (a model with a higher output can be selected according to demand), thereby improving the working efficiency of the equipment. At the same time, the double outlet type can press two-color tablets.

2. The whole machine is fully enclosed, and the four sides of the workbench are protected by plexiglass doors, which is convenient for viewing abnormalities and opening inspections

3. The worm, worm gear, and other transmission structures, as well as the motor and lubrication structure are sealed inside the machine under the workbench, separated from the tabletting operation structure to avoid cross-contamination and meet GMP requirements.

4. Both the high-speed rotary part and the force mechanism adopt rolling friction to reduce wear, reduce power consumption, and increase the service life of the machine.

5. ZPW series tablet press machine adopts imported frequency conversion speed regulation and hydraulic system, which is more stable when pressing tablets and prevents the phenomenon of broken punches.

6. When the equipment is overloaded, it can automatically stop, brake, and alarm, and the operation is safe and reliable.

Technical Parameters

Die Amount 45 stations 41stations 35stations 31tations 27 stations 23 stations
Max.Pressure 100KN 100KN 100KN 100KN 100KN 100KN
Max.Filling Depth 17 mm 17 mm 17 mm 17 mm 23 mm 23 mm
Max.Pressure Diameter 11 mm 12 mm 13 mm 20 mm 25 mm 27 mm
  7 mm 7 mm 7 mm 7 mm 7 mm 7 mm
RPM 16-36(r/min) 16-36(r/min) 16-36(r/min) 16-36(r/min) 16-36(r/min) 16-36(r/min)
Working Capacity 100000-180000 (P/h) 100000-174000(P/h) 60000-150000(P/h) 50000-133000(P/h) 45000-95000 (P/h) 40000-83000 (P/h)
Power supply 4KW 380V 50HZ(220V 60HZ) 4KW 380V 50HZ(220V 60HZ) 4KW 380V 50HZ(220V 60HZ) 4KW 380V 50HZ(220V 60HZ) 4KW 380V 50HZ(220V 60HZ) 4KW 380V 50HZ(220V 60HZ)
Overall Dimension 1300*1400*1850 (mm) 1300*1200*1750(mm) 1300*1200*1750(mm) 1300*1200*1750(mm) 1300*1200*1750 (mm) 1300*1200*1750 (mm)
weight 2000 (kg) 2000 (kg) 2000 (kg) 2000 (kg) 2000 (kg) 2000 (kg)

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