Aseptic Filling and Closing Machine (for Eye-drop), YHG-100 Series

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YHG-100 series aseptic filling and closing machine is specially built for filling, stoppering and capping of eye-drop and nasal spray vials.

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■Production safety performance is implemented on the basis of European standards, in compliance with the requirements of GMP;

■High efficiency filtration unit efficiently maintains sterility and cleanliness for sterile areas;

■The capping station is completely isolated from liquid filling zone, special gloves are required in manual operation to protect the sterile areas from being contaminated;

■Fully automatic accomplishing of bottle feeding, filling, stoppering and capping processes through mechanical, pneumatic and electric systems;

■The filling station is equipped with high precision ceramic rotary piston pump or peristaltic pump, servo control ensures a high speed, high accuracy and drip-free filling process;

■The manipulator is used for stoppering and capping, it features precise positioning, high pass rate and high efficiency;

■The capping mechanism uses German clutch or servo drive to control the torque of capping properly, efficiently protecting the caps from being damaged after tightening;

■Automatic “No Bottle - No Fill” and “No Stopper - No Cap” sensor system, unqualified products will be automatically rejected;

Technical Specifications

Model HG-100 HG-200
Filling Capacity 1-10ml
Output Max. 100bottle/min Max. 200bottle/min
Pass Rate 》99
Air Pressure 0.4-0.6
Air Consumption 0.1-0.5
Power 5KW 7KW

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