Automatic Cartoning Machine

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Automatic cartoning machine is ideal for packaging of products like blister packs, bottles, vials, pillow packs, etc. It is capable of automatic implementing the processes of pharmaceutical products or other items feeding, package leaflets folding and feeding, carton erecting and feeding, folded leaflets insertion, batch number printing and carton flaps closing. This automatic cartoner is constructed with a stainless steel body and transparent organic glass that enables the operator to well monitor the working process while provides a safe operation, it is certified in accordance with the requirements of GMP standard. Besides, the cartoning machine has safety features of overload protection and emergency stop functions to guarantee the safety of operator. The HMI interface facilitates the cartoning operations.

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■No products not suction leaflet, no leaflet not suction carton;

■Product loading is suppressed in the case of product missing or imprecise positioning, the machine automatically stops when the product is improperly inserted into carton;

■The machine automatically stops when there is no carton or no leaflet detected;

■Easy to change products with various specifications;

■Overload protection function for operator safety;

■Automatic display of packing speed and counting quantity;

Technical Specifications

Cartoning Speed 80-120 carton/min
Carton Weight 250-350g/m2 (depends on the size of carton)
Size (L×W×H) (70-180) mm × (35-85) mm × (14-50) mm
Leaflet Weight 60-70g/m2
Size (unfolded) (L×W) (80-250) mm ×(90-170) mm
Folding Half fold, double fold, tri-fold, quarter fold
Compressed Air Pressure ≥0.6mpa
Air consumption 120-160L/min
Power Supply 220V 50HZ
Motor Power 0.75kw
Dimension (L×W×H) 3100mm×1100mm×1550mm
Net Weight Approx.1400kg

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