DPH Series Roller Type High Speed Blister Packing Machine

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DPH Roller Type High-Speed Blister Packing Machine with advanced performance, simple operation, high output is the latest improved equipment in our company. It is the best ideal packing equipment for large and medium-sized pharmaceutical plants, health care factory and the food industry. It is much faster and more productive than flat type blister packing machine. It adopts no waste side punching, can save more than $50,000/year materials.

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DPH intelligent high-speed roll plate aluminum-plastic/aluminum-aluminum blister packaging machine is used for blister-type aluminum (PTP)/plastic (PVC) for medicines (tablets, capsules), food, medical equipment, health products, electronic components and similar materials. The special equipment for composite sealing and packaging adopts positive pressure forming and rolling heat sealing, so it has the characteristics of stiff blister and flat plate.

DPH intelligent high-speed roll aluminum-plastic/aluminum-aluminum blister packaging machine is a new generation product carefully researched and developed by our company. Its punching frequency can reach up to 130 times per minute, which is about four times higher than ordinary blister packaging machines. . It combines the advantages of flat-plate and roller-type blister packaging machines, and is equipped with a special shaped tablet feeder. It has high punching frequency, low energy consumption, accurate and stable action, convenient mold replacement, high yield, and wrong version Features such as punching (about 240,000 consumables can be saved annually), and the production efficiency is greatly improved. The design of the whole machine is more reasonable. It adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and automatic control technology integrated with machine, electricity, light and gas, and innovatively designed in strict accordance with the "GMP" standard requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The whole machine is split and combined, and the station structure is modularized. Many functions.

Machine Protection Device

1.For products feed, both options for automatic channel feeder and universal brush feeder
2.Fast and easy changeover mechanism
3.All necessary safety guards to be incorporated with the machine
4.Pull-out embossing mould, easy to do regular changes.
5.Adequate built-in safety protection during power failure and other emergency condition
6.Mechanical parts movement of the machine is controlled by combination of Cam shaft & servomotor mechanism.
7.All doors & covers fit with safety interlocks to avoid risks in operation.
8.Precise (PID) temperature control mechanism.
9.Suitable under voltage & over voltage protective devices are provided in all electrical panels.
10.Electrical & Pneumatic wiring are ‘Tagged’ with sequential nos and color coded. All ends of wiring is punched with suitable Lugs.
11.User friendly operation with ID & password protected access system in HMI for different groups & levels to be provided.
12.Bottom & Lid Foil level detection facility
13.Individual faulty blister rejection system

Technical Parameters




Punch Frequency

ALU/PVC 60-200Times/Min

ALU/ALU 80Times/Min

Range Of Working Travel


Max. Formed. Area



Max. Formed. Depth


ALU/PVC 12mm

Main Motor Power



Supply Power

3P 5Line 380V 50HZ 18.9KW

3P 5Line 380V 50HZ 15.5KW

Air Pressure


Air Consumption

≥0.5 m3/min

Water Consumption

1.5P with 60L/h







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