Build A Dream Together, Healthy Counterparts

In order to ensure the health of employees, create a good working and living environment and improve the welfare of employees, Aligned company hereby arranges an annual health examination for senior employees.

At morning, the person in charge of the event came to the scene early, and the employees arrived one after another. The person in charge guided to the designated place of the medical examination center to change clothes, and then lined up according to the health examination items after receiving the medical examination form.
This health examination includes more than 10 routine items such as blood routine, internal medicine and surgery, aiming to pass health examination, let the worker understand their health status in time, do not have disease early know, early prevention, early sick conditioning, early treatment.
In order to ensure that the health examination activity is really implemented and for the welfare and health of employees, the company made a detailed and comprehensive survey of all health examination centers before the activity and selected the final health examination unit.
The health of employees has always been the focus of the company. Starting from caring for the health of employees, the company makes great efforts to create welfare projects, focusing on health and implementation. By organizing welfare health examination, we not only know more about our own health status, but also deeply feel the company’s “team spirit”, enhance the sense of belonging and enhance cohesion.
In the future, the company will continue to arrange regular health examination for employees, care for employees and pay attention to their health. We hope that members of Aligned Company will not only build their dreams together, but also healthy counterparts.

Post time: Oct-11-2021