“Haiqi Trip” Team’s Construction & Development Activities



With the warm breeze, the friends of Zhejiang Aligned Technology Co., Ltd. are getting ready to set off for a special party in Pingyang. This gathering is a two-day team building and expansion activity – “Haiqi Trip”, which is organized with the goal of “enhancing team cohesion and improving team execution”.

After a short drive, everyone, with anticipation of the unknown journey, arrived at the first destination of this team building expansion activity-Qingjie She Ethnic Township. After all the staff arrived, everyone walked around the green street together, enjoying the unique scenery of the green street. With the beautiful scenery of the green street, everyone’s emotions gradually mobilized, and their feelings warmed up in laughter and laugh


Being immersed in work for a long time, the body and mind can’t help being a little tired. The simple but not simple humanistic customs of the green street, the vibrant vegetation and the vast blue sky have cured everyone’s soul.

After lunch, the team arrived at Fenglinyuan B&B to check in, and took a break to prepare for the rich and exciting group cooperative game in the afternoon.
Each game has corresponding points. According to the rank of the team, the team with the most points is the champion team and can get a “surprise gift”, so everyone is gearing up for this mysterious “surprise gift”. Eager to try.









After dinner, everyone gathered in the spacious courtyard to illuminate the night at Fenglinyuan B&B with the shining light released by mobile phones, and held a special “bonfire party”.
Many interesting interactive games were also set up at the party-lyrics solitaire, whispering, showing your voice, blind people wearing slippers, you draw me guess, also based on the team PK. In the end, everyone sang “Run” together, marking the end of the first day.

I was born as a mountain instead of a stream,
I want to look down on the mediocre gully from the top of the peaks.
I was born to be a great man, not a grass,
I stand on the shoulders of great men and despise the humble coward.



Zhejiang Aligned Technology Co., Ltd.’s 2021 team building and expansion activity-”Haiqi Journey” came to an end here.

Through this team building expansion activity, everyone experienced various interesting team building activities, and at the same time enhanced the communication and cohesion between employees. I believe that in the next time, everyone will use more full enthusiasm and positive state Put into work.

Post time: Jul-23-2021