Sheng Heshu Ruian Sub School Annual Report Meeting

On December 21, 2021, Rui’an School will carry on the mission of being a happy enterprise all over Rui’an. By the end of December, 8 tasks for new companies entering the school will be completed.

After calculation. At least 32 entrepreneurs must be inspired. After our meeting last week, we only had five days to prepare. After arranging each school student to invite five entrepreneurs.

Division of labor:
Brother Lin is responsible for inviting Brother Dong to share.
Teacher Zhang is in charge of venue, ppt, and registration mini-program.
Mr. Dong is responsible for publicity notices and appeal notices (three times).
Mr. Qian is responsible for the process and hosting.
Mr. Li and Mr. Kong are responsible for the site layout.
Mr. Kong is in charge of notifying the new school students to speak.
Mr. Quan is responsible for overall scheduling and sharing.

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On the 21st, the number of people at the scene far exceeded 50. The venue was crowded with people, and there were not enough chairs.
The business owners on the scene burst into applause from time to time during the sharing of Brother Dong.
Some companies shed tears many times when they were moved. Yes, only the business owner understands the pain of running a business.
The meeting ended in a warm atmosphere.
Ruian School’s first annual report meeting, on-site admission to the school (no statistics yet, 70 people guaranteed, to be counted).
In this altruistic activity, we watched the spirit of Brother Lin pulling an entrepreneur and refused to enter the school, and felt that Brother Dong flew back to Wenzhou from Shenyang, and worked tirelessly for the sharing of Ruian School. Thinking of Chairman Zhou, in order to achieve the annual goal, under the influence of the epidemic, the Wenzhou annual conference cannot be held. Do not give up or accept defeat. Since the high goal is proposed, everything will be achieved. Disperse each group, and then hold the group’s annual report meeting on its own behalf.
Thank you, for you, we have learned that the operators have bowed themselves into the game and have words to implement.
We are also firmer in our mission: to make happy enterprises all over Ruian! Make unremitting efforts.


Post time: Dec-29-2021