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1st Meeting of QiZhen Team Managers

Released In:2021-05-20

Conference Host: Aligned’s CEO-Porlain Quan
On 5th May, the Standing Committee of the QiZhen Team have discussion about meeting time. Finally the first monthly meeting of the QiZhen Team was successfully held at 1:30 pm on 15 th May.
First of all, thank and welcome all the family members who attended the meeting. Special thanks to Mr. Qian for the coffee break and sponsorship of the conference and the staff behind the scenes.
The host of this meeting is Porlain Quan who is the leader of the QiZhen Team. He is the founder of the four companies, the Chinese mbti talent appraiser, and the special consultant of the Ryetian Private Board of Directors.
Because of fate, we can get together here even more because we all have the same goal: to build a team of operators that help each other and improve both material and spirit.
The first step to open your heart is to get to know each other in depth, so that all family members speak freely, confirm their goals, and express their feelings.
Let all actions be implemented and the purpose of each meeting in the future becomes truly meaningful and not just formal. For this reason, we have formulated relevant meeting systems and assistance systems between companies to enhance the cohesion of the team.
Finally, the host initiated the interactive answers to the questions of the operators. In the summary of the blessing guests, the meeting ended with laughter and applause.
Question: How to recruit people?
The current talent market is very sluggish and it is difficult to recruit people.
1.In the course of business operation, the cause of any problem is mainly two points:
(1)Too little attention
(2)Too little investment of funds and energy
2.The birth rate of China's population has dropped and the recruitment situation has become more severe. This also makes us work harder on personnel matters.
(1)Starting from the results, for example: we want to recruit a general worker, how many people need to be interviewed? How many people to invite? How many calls did you make? How many resumes to see? For example: look at 30 resumes, make 20 calls, invite 10 people successfully, interview 5 people, and finally pass the interview with 3 people, after the probation period, sign a formal contract with 1 person. Then, the personnel coefficient of a general worker is 1/30. After we confirm the coefficient, we will be more clear when we do things.
(2)We have done statistics, and less than 25% of the people whose majors are consistent with their jobs, which means that more than 75% of the people who studied their majors do not match the last jobs. For this reason, you need to increase the base when looking at your resume.
(3)The future world is the post-90s and post-00s world. We have to learn their hobbies and habits. Aligned personnel has a slogan: Understand the post-90s, continue to be brilliant for another ten years. Management needs to find topics that have the same frequency as those born in the 90s.
Summary: Personnel work is exquisite and extreme. In Ruian, the competitiveness is not great. There are the above three points. Basically, those unconscious enterprises are enough.
Hope the above answers are helpful to everyone.
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