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  • General Manager Practice Inamori Kazuo Philosophy

    My name is Quan Yue, the founder of Aligned Machinery. We are committed to the development, design, manufacture and sales of pharmaceutical equipment and total solutions to revolutionize the traditional and create the future of new ways of medicine. The company has been founded for 16 years,Many ...
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  • The First Aligned Company Fun Games Was Successfully Held

    Winter is coming, and the sweet-scented osmanthus is full of fragrance! Our company is adhering to the mission of achieving employees, achieving customers, and all employees’ material and spiritual happiness. We have established a happiness committee. In order to improve the happiness of em...
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  • Improve Yourself and Gain Respect

    By studying the professional after-sales concept advocated by Mr. Quan, we should think and solve problems from the perspective of customers, and obtain customers’ “acceptance”, “satisfaction”, “movement” and “respect”. The 6-day business tr...
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  • Build A Dream Together, Healthy Counterparts

    In order to ensure the health of employees, create a good working and living environment and improve the welfare of employees, Aligned company hereby arranges an annual health examination for senior employees. At morning, the person in charge of the event came to the scene early, and the employe...
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  • Pharmaconex 2021

    (H1.C34 ) at Pharmaconex from 3rd – 5th October 2021 in Egypt International Exhibition Center.
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  • “Equation of Success”Management Outing Training Session

    On the morning of September 24th, the leaders of Aligned gathered together and went to Wenzhou, China to participate in a three-day closed training meeting. The theme of this training was “Equation of Success”. In the morning, the leaders arranged their belongings, successfully check...
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  • A Solemn Statement On The Infringement Of Individual Companies

    Aligned Machinery Technology Co.Ltd is an excellent supplier of complete sets of automatic oral film equipment in China. Our company produces and sells film-making machines, slitting machines, and packaging machines. We are headquartered in Zhejiang, China, with an office in Shanghai, China, and ...
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  • “Haiqi Trip” Team’s Construction & Development Activities

    “Haiqi Trip” Team’s Construction & Development Activities

        With the warm breeze, the friends of Zhejiang Aligned Technology Co., Ltd. are getting ready to set off for a special party in Pingyang. This gathering is a two-day team building and expansion activity – “Haiqi Trip”, which is organized with the goal of “enhancing...
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  • 21 days habits persist activities perfect ending

    21 days habits persist activities perfect ending

    The 21-day habit of cultivating perseverance is officially over. Life is a game of self. Only those who dare to beat themselves can have the opportunity to surpass themselves and win the final victory! Congratulations to our champions Christine and Cesca, everything is n...
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  • Knowledge is power, excellent technology to create the future

    Knowledge is power, excellent technology to create the future

    One afternoon this week, three new recruits business sales staff to follow the Factory Acceptance study, none of the three newcomers ever come into contact with the machinery industry, the opportunity to learn to face the machine, they are active and take the initiative....
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  • Welcome to the online live show about the tablet press.

    Welcome to the online live show about the tablet press.

    Spring blossoms, the weather gets warm, at the same time, I hope we can warm you.Welcome to the online live show about the tablet press.   Time:Mar.12,2012   Watch the address: fcebook: Website:www.aligned-tec...
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  • New Year’s swearing in ceremony

    New Year’s swearing in ceremony

    We have set new goals for the new year, and we will do our best to complete the goals !
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