NSF-800 Automatic Hard (Liquid) Capsule Gluing And Sealing Machine

Short Description:

The hard capsule sealer independently developed by our company is an original pharmaceutical equipment with a high degree of system integration, which fills the gap of the hard capsule sealer technology in the domestic pharmaceutical industry, and its safe gluing method breaks through the limitations of the Hard capsule sealer technology in Europe and America. It can complete the hard capsule and the filling liquid of the hard glue on the glue sealing treatment, so that the inner medicine in the packaging, storage, transportation, marketing and application process always in a sealed state, so as to improve the stability of the capsule and drug safety.

The successful research and development of hard capsule sealer has completely solved the long-standing technical problem of liquid capsule sealer, and at the same time, it also greatly meets the higher requirements of pharmaceutical enterprises for sealing, quality assurance and anti-counterfeiting of medium and high-end hard capsule preparations.

Product Detail

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liquid capsule


1. It can be used on-line with various types of domestic automatic capsule (liquid capsule) filling machines, and can also be used for stand-alone production in pharmaceutical factories and health care products factories.
2. The use of unique invention patent technology, and the use of secondary gluing technology to lock the sealing effect, make the glued part of the capsule more uniform and beautiful.
3. The glue box is designed with asbestos heat insulation, and a highly sensitive temperature sensor is used to make the temperature of the glue box accurate in real time and safe and reliable in operation.
4. The plastic box and the body adopt a pneumatic clutch design, which can be easily disassembled and cleaned.
5. Using a unique invention patent, the capsules can be loaded accurately, oriented, and arranged accurately without damaging each capsule.
6. The part in contact with the medicine is made of all stainless steel, which conforms to GMP standards.
7. Adopting a precise capsule chain-platere.

Technical Parameters



Production Speed

40,000 capsules/hour  
(water-soluble sealing material)


35,000-40,000 grains/hour  
(non-water-soluble sealing material)

Rated Power


Power Supply


Water-soluble Glue Temperature


Environmental Requirements

Around 25°C, Humidity 45%-75%



Edge of reeling




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