Pharmaceutical Packaging Equipment

  • ALF-3 Aseptic Filling and Closing Machine (for Vial)

    ALF-3 Aseptic Filling and Closing Machine (for Vial)

    Aseptic filling and closing machine is designed for filling and closing of vials in glass, plastic or metal, it is suitable for liquid, semisolid, and powder products in sterile areas or clean rooms.


    ■Fully automatic accomplishing of filling, stoppering and capping processes through mechanical, pneumatic and electric systems;

    ■Safety function of “No Bottle – No Fill” and “No Stopper – No Cap”, operation errors are minimized;

    ■Torque screw-capping is selectable;

    ■Drip-free filling, high filling accuracy;

    ■Easy to operate, stable performance and reliable safety;

  • Liquid Filling and Capping Machine

    Liquid Filling and Capping Machine

    ALFC series liquid filling and capping machine is particularly designed for packaging of liquid products with different viscosities for pharmaceutical and healthcare applications, such as oral liquids, syrups, supplements, etc.

  • Cartoning Machine for Pharmaceutical Products

    Cartoning Machine for Pharmaceutical Products

    This high speed cartoner is a horizontal cartoning machine suitable for handling blister packs, bottles, hoses, soaps, vials, playing cards and other products in pharmaceutical, foodstuff, daily chemical industries. The cartoning machine is characterized by stable operation, high speed and wide adjusting range.

  • Automatic Cartoning Machine

    Automatic Cartoning Machine

    Automatic cartoning machine is ideal for packaging of products like blister packs, bottles, vials, pillow packs, etc. It is capable of automatic implementing the processes of pharmaceutical products or other items feeding, package leaflets folding and feeding, carton erecting and feeding, folded leaflets insertion, batch number printing and carton flaps closing. This automatic cartoner is constructed with a stainless steel body and transparent organic glass that enables the operator to well monitor the working process while provides a safe operation, it is certified in accordance with the requirements of GMP standard. Besides, the cartoning machine has safety features of overload protection and emergency stop functions to guarantee the safety of operator. The HMI interface facilitates the cartoning operations.

  • Aseptic Filling and Closing Machine (for Eye-drop), YHG-100 Series

    Aseptic Filling and Closing Machine (for Eye-drop), YHG-100 Series

    YHG-100 series aseptic filling and closing machine is specially built for filling, stoppering and capping of eye-drop and nasal spray vials.

  • Automatic Blister Packaging Machine

    Automatic Blister Packaging Machine

    Automatic blister packaging machine is constructed for the ALU/PVC and ALU/ALU packaging of a variety of pharmaceutical and foodstuff products, such as tablets, capsules, pellets, candies, as well as other industrial objects.

  • Blister Packaging Machine

    Blister Packaging Machine

    Blister packaging machine is ideal for pharmaceutical, foodstuff and health care products. It is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GMP standard, and featured by easy operation, multi-function and high output.

  • Tablet Counter

    Tablet Counter

    Our tablet counters are great for counting and filling of tablets, capsules, pills, gelcaps, softgels and such solid dosage products used in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, pesticide, chemical and other industries. These tablet counting machines can be used independently or applied together with other equipment to form a complete tablet bottling line.

    The electronic tablet counter mainly comprises of machine body, vibratory feed system, photoelectric sensor counting unit, pneumatic cylinder & solenoid valve system, control panel, conveyor belt and photoelectric sensor detecting system. The high speed counting process is completely PLC controlled, ensuring high counting accuracy.

    The parts of tablet counter such as bulk hopper, material delivery board and counting channels can be easily dismantled without the use of tools for faster clean up.

    The photoelectric sensor is outfitted in detecting system to sense and count the tablets, it leads to an accurate counting result. The filling height can be adjusted adapting to different heights of containers by only pressing the lifting button on control panel, offering an easy and quick operation.

  • Bottle Unscrambler, GLP Series

    Bottle Unscrambler, GLP Series

    GLP series high speed bottle unscrambler is an effective bottle unscrambling machine used in plastic bottle filling line. With the capacity of high speed bottle feeding, this bottle unscrambler is suitable for various high speed production lines and packaging lines. It is also capable of loading bottles onto two bottle filling lines simultaneously through two separate conveyors.

    The bottle unscrambling machine allows changing the bottles of different sizes only by changing the loading turntable and adjusting the bottle feeding lane.

    The bottle unscramble is equipped with a container that can store over 3,000 plastic bottles of Φ40×75 60ml. The lifting system is available to supply the container with bottles according to the quantity of bottles inside the container. And the photoelectric sensor detects the bottle storage to enable the lifting system to be automatically started or stopped per specified amount.

  • Labeling Machine (for Round Bottle), TAPM-A Series

    Labeling Machine (for Round Bottle), TAPM-A Series

    This bottle labeling machine is typically designed to apply adhesive labels on various round bottles.


    ■Synchronous wheel mechanism is adopted for stepless speed regulation, spacing of the bottles can be easily set according to specific needs;

    ■The interval between labels is adjustable, suitable for labels with different sizes;

    ■Coding machine is configurable as per your request;

  • In-Line Capper, SGP Series

    In-Line Capper, SGP Series

    Our in-line capper is suitable for placing and tightening caps of various containers such as round bottles, flat bottles and square bottles. This bottle capping machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, foodstuff, pesticide, chemical and other industries.

    SGP series in-line capper mainly consists of three parts, i.e. cap placing mechanism, main capping structure (bottle feeding and capping mechanism), and conveyor belt. In addition, the cap inspection and rejection system is optional for removal of faulty products (the system isn’t suitable for fragile containers)