AFL series liquid filling Line

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This machine is designed for light &medium liquid filling into bottles, all regular and irregular shape bottles are suitable in this model


1. Bottom-up fill control, prevent the occurrence of foaming.
2. Different bottle index device e.g. worm conveyor, pneumatic finger, index wheel to fit to different kinds of bottles.
3. SS316 piston pump drive by servo motor system, stable and precision.
4. Set the filling volume in HMI, easy changeover size.
5. No fill when bottles backup downstream and less bottles load upstream.
6. No fill while nozzles misaligning inside of bottle
7. No fill with lower level of less product in buffer tank, which mounted level sensor.
8. Batch bottle counter records number of finish bottle output.

Technical parameters

Piston Size 15~60ml,30-150ml,50-250ml,150-500ml,150-1000ml
Filling nozzles 8
Filling speed bpm 100~120
M/C Weight 800kg
Bottle Size used Min. Φ20mm, Max. Φ100mm
Filling Accuracy ≤±1%@100ml above
Power Supply 220V 50/60Hz 2.0kw
Compress air require 50L/min. 6~8bar
Machine Size 2200x1000x1800mm