BG-E series High-efficiency Film Coating Machine

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The machine is widely used for coating various tablets, pills and sweets with organic film, water-soluble film and sugar film etc. In such fields as of pharmaceutical, food and biological products etc. And it has such characteristics as good appearance in design, high dfficiency, low energy consumption and small floor area, etc.

Features and Working principle

During the film coating process in the major machine, it shows such feature dust fly off, no syrup splash, operation condition improvement, little cross contamination to tablets,simple coating process, coating time shortening as well as high production efficiency etc. There adopted a new & mini-type computer and a touch screen on which temperature and negative pressure control system are displayed with such functions programmability, automatic adjusting such a majority of process parameters flow, negative pressure, intake, exhaust, temperature, rotational velocity the compile of SOP digitizing, making no difference between various batches products with the same technical parameter. It adds data storage and printing functions with more than 14 program film coating , which are modified at any time in the run. The printing device finished as to the customers’requirement so that the process parameters process flow of each batch ofproduction can be accurately recorded and domestic advanced level. The users may write batch numbers and the codes products on their needs.

1.The coating boiler equipped in the high pressure spray gun, there set a cleaning sprayer at theair exhaust exit and hot air mouth, which can be rotated in automatic and full direction ,without dead corner more convenient to clean. (Option)
2.Select the imported spray gun. It’s convenient to operate and easy to master and flexible controlled technological requirement. The spray gun head requirement must keep in therange of 0.29 Mpa to 0.39 Mpa. Angle and sector can be adjustable , uniform density and particle in spray pressure and 0.4-0.5Mpa in atomization pressure that avoid the dropping leakage and blockage phenomenon of size, uniform atomization and large spray area, practical to adjust flow, free leakage and blockage, angle and sector.
3.Film coating machine contains the mechanical device of cauldron wrapping little material can coat atleast 20~40kg plain pills in 150 type coating machine, regulate through it inherent machinery, make a small mount of medium coat in cauldron and will not cause the wasted of dressing and greatly improve the scope of appliance.


The tablets in drum make complicated and constant track movement with easy and smooth turn frequent exchanging in a clean and closed drum of the film coating machine. The coating mixed round in the mixing drum are sprayed on tablets through the spray gun atthe Inlet un action of the peristaltic pump. Meanwhile under the action of air exhaust and negative pressure 100,000 clean hot air supplied by the air exhaust cabinet is exhausted from the fan at the sieve meshes through tablets. So thesecoating mediums on the surface of tablets get dry forming a coat of firm, fine and smooth film. The whole process is finished under the control of PLC.

Item/Model BG400E BG150E BG80E BG-40E BG10E
Load capacity 400Kg 150 Kg 80 Kg 40 Kg 10 Kg
Rotation speed of coating pan 1-13RPM 1-16rpm 1-19RPM 1-21RPM 1-25RPM
Power of main machine 3 Kw 2.2kw 1.5 Kw 1.1 Kw 0.55 Kw
Diameter of coating pan Φ1580mm φ1200mm Φ930mm Φ750mm Φ500mm
Motor of air exhaust cabinet 7.5 Kw 5.5kw 3 Kw 2.2 Kw 0.75 Kw
Air exhaust flow 10000 m³/h 7419m³/h 5268 m³/h 3517 m³/h 1285 m³/h
Motor power of hot air cabinet 2.2 Kw 1.5kw 1.1 Kw 0.75 Kw 0.37 Kw
Hot air flow 3517 m³/h 2356m³/h 1685 m³/h 1285 m³/h 816 m³/h
Weight of main machine 1000 Kg 850 Kg 600 Kg 500 Kg 200 Kg
Clean air Pressure ≥0.4Mpa ≥0.4Mpa ≥0.4Mpa ≥0.4Mpa ≥0.4Mpa
Air consumption 1.5 m³/min 0.7m³/min 0.35 m³/min 0.2 m³/min 0.2 m³/min
Machine dimension(L×W×H) Main machine 2050×1670×2360mm 1570×1260×2030mm 1210×1000×1730mm 1000×800×1900mm 900×620×1800mm
Hot air cabinet 900×800×2260mm 900×800×1935mm 900×800×19350mm 900×800×1935mm 600×530×1600mm
Air exhaust cabinet 1050×1050×2000mm 950×950×1950mm 820×720×1750mm 820×720×1750mm