DGS-118 Ampoule Liquid Packing Machine

  • Product Description
  • Technical Parameters

DGS-118 Ampoule Liquid Packing Machine, is applicable for liquid, sticky, semi-sticky and so on.
This machine is widely used in pharmaceuticals, food, health care products, cosmetic and etc.

Features and Working Principle

1. Controlled by PLC, the frequency conversion in finely variable speeds.
2.All 6 processes from spreading roll, AMP bottle forming, filling, sealing the end, printing serial numbers, cutting the end, cutting apart, controlled by programming.
3.The computer human interface has simple and clear operation.
4.The filling head does not drop, leak, rise in bubbled and spill over
5.All are made of high-quality stainless steel, accord with the standard GMP.
6. Mostly pneumatic components and wirings adopt inward fittings.
7. Automatic and mechanical filling, precise calculation and limited deflection.

Technical parameters
Max Forming Depth 12mm
Cutting Frequency 15-20 times/min
Packing Material PVC/PE(0.2-0.4)×120mm
Capacity 2-25ml
Installed Power 3.5kw
Voltage 220v-380v/50Hz
Weight(kg) 300kg
Dimension L×W×H 2500×750×1700 mm