DGS-240 Plastic AMP Filling and Sealing Machine

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This machine is suitable for the unit dose of medicine, drinks, dairy products, health products, food, cosmetics, perfume, agricultural medicine, fruit purees, etc.


1.HC high speed and high precision high-end motion controller.
2.Stepless frequency control of motor speed control.
3.Servo motor control tensile membrane device.
4.The man-machine interface. Device, easy to operate.
5.The man-machine interface. Device, the operation is simple.
6.Automatic discharge volume, a roll of film cutting, can be folded in half.
7.There are positive and negative photoelectric pattern of version of the function. Products elegant, meet high standards of packaging requirements.
8.Using electronic peristaltic pump device. And mechanical pump piston pump control. Filling accuracy is correct.
9.Filling does not drip, no bubble, no overflow.
10.Parts in contact with the medicine with high quality stainless steel 316L machinery casings are all SS304 stainless steel. In line with the GMP standard.
11.At the bottom of the bottle is flat, could stand.
12.Automatic stop when each door opening.
13.Air pressure alarm.

Max Forming Depth 12mm
Cutting Frequency 0-25 times/min (according to your products)
Packing material PVC/PE  PET/PE
Filling range 1-50ml
Total power 7KW
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Weight 1200Kg
Size(L*W*H )mm 3200×850×1400(mm)