HZD Series Bin Blender

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This equipment is considered as the ideal mixing equipment for pharmaceutical laboratory. It is also widely used in chemical, foodstuff industries, etc.

Features and Working principle

Reasonable structure, stable performance with easy operation.
Beautiful appearance with no dead angle or exposed screws.
Perfect mixing effect. There is a 30o included angle between the mixing hooper and rotation axis, the material in the mixing hopper not only do rotary turning, but also do tangential movement  along the bucket wall, which have strong turnover and high speed tangential motion.
PLC control, set the infared safety devices and discharging valve with  anti misoperation device, to ensure safety in production.
Meet GMP criterion. All processes of material can be finished in the same vessel without frequently material transfer, charge, which efficiently control the dust &cross pollution and reduce the material loss, as well as material layers, while optimizing the production process.

Technical parameters
Model HZD-400 HZD-600 HZD-800 HZD-1000 HZD-1200 HZD-1500 HZD-1800 HZD-2000
Blendingspeed 3-20rpm 3-20rpm 3-20rpm 3-15rpm 3-20rpm 3-15rpm 3-15rpm 3-15rpm
Net load 200 300 400 500 600 750 900 1000
Totalpower 4.75kw 7kw 7kw 8.5kw 8.5kw 10.5kw 11.5kw 11.5kw
Machineweight 1800kg 2500kg 2600kg 3000kg 3200kg 3600kg 4000kg 4200kg
Rotation 2825mm 3050mm 3330mm 3420mm 3470mm 3700mm 3860mm 3990mm
Ceilingheight 3000mm 3200mm 3500mm 3700mm 3700mm 4000mm 4000mm 4200mm
Rotationwidth 2410mm 2700mm 2860mmm 3040mm 3140mm 3300mm 3460mm 3580mm
Overalldimension 2460x1569x2360 2950x1731x2473 2950x1811x2750 3330x1901x2800 3330x1951x2898 3500x2058x3113 3500x2138x3241 3500x2198x3435