Oral Disintegration film Making Machine

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This machine is suitable for the coating composite production of paper, film, metal foil, etc. The whole power system adopts the AC variable frequency stepless speed regulation system composed of frequency converter. And the winding is manually controlled by the magnetic clutch tension.

The working principle of the machine is evenly coated a layer of liquid material on the surface of the reel base roll. The solvent (moisture) is rapidly evaporated and dried through drying channel. And winding up after cooling (or composite with another material). Then, get the final products of the film (composite film).

The machine also has the functions of automatic working length recording, speed display, oven temperature automatic control and so on. These functions ensure the high efficiency of production and product quality.

All parts in contact with the material and other parts, are made of stainless steel and non-toxic materials, meet the “GMP” requirements.

Project Parameter
Max production width 300mm
Roll width 400mm
Speed 10m/min
(1~8m/min depends on technology)
Unwinding diameter ≤φ350mm
Winding diameter ≤350mm
Method of heat & dry Heating by external stainless steel heater, hot air circulation in centrifugal fan
Temperature control 30~150℃±2℃
Edge of reeling ±2.0mm
Power 16Kw,
Overall dimension L×W×H:2700*1200*2300mm

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