RGF Series Automatic Tube Filling &Sealing Machine

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RGF Series Automatic Tube Filling & Sealing Machine applies for production in cosmetic, light industry, pharmaceutical and food industry etc.

It can fill material such as grease, ointment, gel and sticky fluidextract into tube, then seal the tube end, stamp number and discharge finished product.

Technical parameters
ModelParameter RGF-100Y RGF-60
Usage Metal tube/Laminated plastic tube Metal tube/Laminated plastic tube
Working Capacity 30-80 pieces per minutes 30-60 pieces per minutes
Filling Volume 2-250ml 2-80ml
Filling Error ≤±0.5% ≤±0.5%
Tube Diameter 10-55mm 12.5-25mm
Tube Length 50-220mm 50-160mm
Working air pressure 0.60MPa 0.50-0.60MPa
The power of main motor 1.5kw 1.1kw
size 2270mm×960mm×2100mm 1950mm×750mm×1850mm
weight 1250kg 900kg