ZP series Automatic Rotary Tablet Press

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1.Quasi-high speed, double side outlet, 1.7 times capacity of ZP35B
2.Pre-pressure are available, max prepressure is 3 times of ZP35B.
3.PLC control system
4.Touch pad type screen, convenient operation
5.Display of the relative of main comparison of each tooling
6.There will be the function to alarm in case the main compression exceeding the permissible range set up for any single station in a succession and the function to alarm for malfunction of any sensor
7.The design of zp3000 is reasonable, running smooth and lower noise
8.Easy loading and unloading of force feeder
9.Quantitative lubrication system, the quantity of the oil applied to each lubricating point can be effective control
10.The tableting compartment is fully enclosed, meeting the G.M.P requirement.

Machine model ZP3033 ZP3041 ZP3049 ZP3053
Station 33 41 49 53
Type of tooling IPT 1”
(EU 1”)
IPT 19
(EU 19)
IPT 19
(EU 19)
IPT 19
(EU 19)
Max dia of tablet (mm) 25 18 14 11
Max rotary speed (min-1) 40
Max filling depth (mm) 18
Max capacity (tablets/h) 158,400 196,800 235,200 254,400
Max main pressure (KN) 80
Max pre-pressure (KN) 15
Main motor power (KW) 5.5
Occupied area (mm) 960*1070
Height (mm) 1920
Weight (kg) 2200