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  • CBD Tablet Product Introduction
  • Straight-Bottle Tablet Filling Machine

    Straight-Bottle Tablet Filling Machine

    Fully automatic Straight-bottle tablet filling machine realizes electromechanical integration. Automatic bottle unscramble, push tablet, cap unscramble and cap pressing. The degree of automation is the first in China. The machine adopts touch screen control, is simple to operate and easy to maintain.

  • Model TF-80 Automatic Effervescent Tablet Tube Filling & Capping Machine

    Model TF-80 Automatic Effervescent Tablet Tube Filling & Capping Machine

    TF-80 automatic effervescent tablet tube filling & capping machine combine high speed production with optimal process control and premium quality. It mainly performs automatic bottle unscramble, automatic counting and filling, automatic capping and other functions for the shape of the tube. Requirements for pollution-free production. This equipment is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries and is well received by customers. TF-80 machine is the ideal solution for large batches and blockbuster products.

  • ZWS137 High Speed Tablet Deduster

    ZWS137 High Speed Tablet Deduster

    ZWS137 high speed screening machine applies the principles of compressed air cleaning, centrifugal powder removal and roller edge grinding to remove the powder and edge burrs attached to the wafers surface, so as to make the wafers surface clean and the edges neat.The screen box is completely isolated from the power box, with fast unloading structure, convenient for assembly, disassembly and cleaning;The parts in contact with drugs are made of stainless steel, which meet the requirements of GMP for pharmaceutical equipment.

  • SZS230 Uphill Deduster

    SZS230 Uphill Deduster

    Model SZS230 Uphill Deduster also employed many new designs, to allow and to ensure a better and safer production, This Uphill Deduster is able to act as both elevating and dedusting machine, which made it a usual combination with other tablet-compressing machine and metal detection machine, and also made it extremely applicable in the field of pharmacy, chemical engineering, electronics, and food.

  • ZP Series Rotary Tablet Press

    ZP Series Rotary Tablet Press

    Main application: The machine is a double-pressing automatically revolving piece-pressing machine which could make grain be pressed to be round piece, be carved characters, special shapes and double color piece prescription. It is mainly used in manufacturing piece prescription for pharmaceutical industry enterprises like chemical industry, foods, electronics . (Note: when manufacturing double color piece, it only need replacing components and adding powder absorbing apparatus which greatly lowers the cost and raises profit .)

  • ZPW Series Rotary Tablet Press

    ZPW Series Rotary Tablet Press

    That machine is the latest High Speed Rotary Press Machine in current industry, which development and innovation basis on board and at home technical by our factory; with in high speed and widely used to varioua normal or abnormity tablet pressing; it’s the popular in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Foodstuff, Plastic Electronic indutsties.

  • GZPK Series Automatic High-Speed Rotary Tablet Press

    GZPK Series Automatic High-Speed Rotary Tablet Press

    The main components of the electric control cabinet are imported components from abroad, PLC adopts original Siemens products, and human-machine interface adopts Taisiemens 10-inch series color touch screen.