Automatic Tablet&Capsule Counting & Packaging Line

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Automatic Tablet/capsule Counting & Capping Line is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries, and is suitable for product packaging of different shapes and sizes, such as capsules, tablets, candies, powders, etc. The multi-lanes feeder automatically counts and filling in plastic bottles, glass bottles, jars and other containers. With its stability and compliance with GMP requirements, our equipment guarantees reliable and consistent performance.

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●Automatic tablet&capsule packing line fullyintegrated this line assembly from bottle arranging, counting and flling, paper and desiccant inserting, capping, inspecting, induction sealing to pressure sensitive labeling system.

●Production Output: Up to 70 bottles/min. on Mid-Speed & Up to 100 bottles/min. on Hi-Speed Bottling Lines
●Custom integration available to meet specific requirements by our customers
●Available Pre-Tablet Loading System w/Level Sensor
●No Change Parts Required--All contact parts can be dismantled without tools.
●Conformance to cGMP standard
●3-Level Vibrating Trays for Feeding
●2 Separate Vibratory Sections; 2 Separate Hoppers on VSL-24 Channel Counter
●Standard Dual Lane Sanitary Conveyor
●U.S. Banner Sensors & Japan PLC Control and Color Touch Screen Panel
●Free Integration, Set-Up, Installation and Training on purchase of our complete botting line

counting line
counting line
counting line

Main equipment introduction:


Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Machine


Automatic bottle unscrambler is suitable for pre-filling process. It is a high performance rotary machine, the best solution for pharmaceutical bottle unscrambling.
●Multiple speedoptions
●Suited for bottles of various size
●Unscramble elevator for high efficiency
●Able to supply bottles to two production lines
●Connected to a complete filling line

Automatic Tablet/capsule Counting Machine


Automatic Tablet/capsule Counting Machine adopts the advanced Europe technology, using high accurate component from both domestic and abroad. The machine is widely applied in the many fields such as pharmacy, health care and food industry. It is able to count coated pills, soft and hard capsules and tablets of weird shapes, filling them into the vessels precisely.

●Controlled by high speed PLC, which makes it precise and fast in counting, suitable in counting pills of different shapes and sizes.

●Material delivery boards can be detached without the help of the tools. It is easy to be cleaned.

Desiccant (Sack) Inseter

Automatic Desiccant (Sack) Inseter


Desiccant (sack type) Inserter is suitable for damp-proof solids filling producing line, widely used in such fields as pharmaceutical, food, chemistry., etc.

● Mechanical and electronic integration which is controlled by PLC.

●Strongly adaptable to various kinds of bottles.

Automatic Online Capper


In-Line Capper is suitable for capping various kinds of vessels (round type, flat type, square type) and widely used in such fields as pharmaceutical, foods, chemistry, etc.

●In-Line Capper is controlled by PLC (programmable controller).

●Highly adaptable to different bottles and can work together with simple adjustments


Automatic Online Capper
Foil Induction sealer

Foil Induction sealer


●Adopts crystal module design with high working efficiency.

● 100% sealing quality in state of no direct contact with electric induction sealing open.

●Equipped with water chiller system, it can stop automatically in case of no water or lower pressure.

Automatic Labeling machine

Pressure-Sensitive Labeler is suitable for such fields as pharmaceutical, health care products, cosmetics, food, chemistry, petroleum, etc, in which round bottles are used.

●The machine is controlled by PLC (programmable controller), operated through touch screen. Also sensors are installed to ensure smooth and precise labeling and accurate label delivery.

●The machine adjusts flexibly, works reliably and operates easily.

●The hot stamp printer of this machine is imported from UK. The printing is clear and correct.

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