ALF-3 Aseptic Filling and Closing Machine (for Vial)

Short Description:

Aseptic filling and closing machine is designed for filling and closing of vials in glass, plastic or metal, it is suitable for liquid, semisolid, and powder products in sterile areas or clean rooms.


■Fully automatic accomplishing of filling, stoppering and capping processes through mechanical, pneumatic and electric systems;

■Safety function of “No Bottle – No Fill” and “No Stopper – No Cap”, operation errors are minimized;

■Torque screw-capping is selectable;

■Drip-free filling, high filling accuracy;

■Easy to operate, stable performance and reliable safety;

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Technical Specifications

Model ALF-3
Filling Capacity 10-100ml
Output 0-60 vial/min
Filling Accuracy ±0.15-0.5
Air Pressure 0.4-0.6
Air Consumption 0.1-0.5


Product Details

This machine is a filling, stoppering and capping machine for vials. This machine adopts a closed cam indexing station with high precision, reliable operation and long service life. The indexer has a simple structure and does not require maintenance for long-term use.

This machine is suitable for filling, plugging and screwing (rolling) various small-dose liquids, such as essential oils. It is widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical industry and scientific research fields. This machine can not only be produced as a single machine, but also can be combined with a bottle washer, dryer and other equipment to form a linked production line. Meet GMP requirements.

Vial Bottle Filling Machine Features


1. Man-machine interface setting, intuitive and convenient operation, PLC control.
2. Frequency conversion control, arbitrary adjustment of production speed, automatic counting.
3. Automatic stop function, no filling without bottle.
4. Disc positioning filling, stable and reliable.
5. High-precision cam indexer control.
6. It is made of SUS304 and 316L stainless steel, which meets GMP requirements.

For the filling and sealing of liquid preparations in the pharmaceutical industry, it is mainly composed of a spindle, auger feeding into the bottle, a needle mechanism, a filling mechanism, a rotary valve, auger discharging a bottle, and a capping station.

Main Control Functions

1. Convey medicine bottles in a straight line at a high speed, and the design speed can reach 600 bottles/min.
2. The filling needle adopts the reciprocating tracking method to fill and rotate the stopper and press the stopper under the condition of the movement of the medicine bottle.
3. It can be applied to a variety of specifications, and can automatically adjust the filling volume, the height of the filling needle and the production speed of the entire system according to the specifications of various bottles.
4. At the same time realize the functions of no bottle no filling and no bottle no stopper.
5. The production data and product data can be retained for a long time, and the production formula data can be modified.

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