Cartoning Machine for Pharmaceutical Products

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This high speed cartoner is a horizontal cartoning machine suitable for handling blister packs, bottles, hoses, soaps, vials, playing cards and other products in pharmaceutical, foodstuff, daily chemical industries. The cartoning machine is characterized by stable operation, high speed and wide adjusting range.

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■Automatic accomplishing of leaflet folding, carton erecting, product insertion, batch number printing and carton flaps closing;

■Can be configured with hot-melt glue system to apply hot-melt glue for carton sealing;

■Adopting PLC control and photoelectric monitor device to assist in solving any faults in timely manner;

■Main motor and clutch brake are equipped inside machine frame, overload protection device is outfitted to prevent components damaging in the event of overloaded condition;

■Equipped with automatic detection system, if there is no product detected, then no leaflet will be inserted and no carton will be loaded; If any faulty product (no product or leaflet) is detected, it will be rejected to ensure the high quality of finished products;

■This cartoning machine can be used independently or worked with blister packaging machine and other equipment to form a complete packaging line;

■Carton sizes are changeable to meet actual application needs, suitable for large batch production of single type of product or small batch production of multiple types of products;

Technical Specifications

Model ALZH-200
Power Supply AC380V three-phase five-wire 50 Hz Total power 5kg
Dimension (L×H×W) (mm) 4070×1600×1600
Weight (kg) 3100kg
Output Main machine: 80-200 carton/min Folding machine: 80-200 carton/min
Air Consumption 20m3/hour
Carton Weight: 250-350g/m2 (depends on the size of carton) Size (L×W×H): (70-200)mm×(70-120)mm×(14-70)mm
Leaflet Weight: 50g-70g/m2 60g/m2 (optimal) Size (unfolded) (L×W): (80-260)mm×(90-190)mm Folding: half fold, double fold, tri-fold, quarter fold
Ambient Temperature 20±10℃
Compressed Air ≥ 0.6MPa Flow over 20m3/hour

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